Sunday, 12 May 2013

No Luck Yet

After my recent run of bad luck I was sure that my luck was about to change.  So sure, in fact, that I had a few lines on the lotto last night. fancying my chances and hoping I might be down to win a tenner at least.   I shouldn't have been surprised to learn that I didn't win a bean.

Instead I've woken up today with a poorly little girl that has spend all day laid on the sofa and intermittently throwing her guts up.  Oh the joys.  I'd thought I'd had my fair share of illness and stomach bugs for this year but guess not.

I eventually managed to get my washing hung out on the line around midday but it wasn't long before it was all lying on the ground.  The box that was fixed to the wall containing one end of my washing lines had been pulled off the wall leaving all my clean washing laid in the mud.  Dragging all the washing back inside and setting it off to re-wash.  I dug out the tool box and put my DIY skills into practise. The hardest part was the height issue.  Being all of 5ft 2 and having to balance precariously on a step ladder placed on the doorstep whilst constantly having to dash in and out at every shout of, 'Mummy, I feel sick..

Eventually I managed to get the offending box secured firmly back on the wall, emptied the sick bowl and was just about to re-hang the washing back on when the rain started. 


I can feel a glass of wine of two or three coming on tonight.  Just praying that the other little monster doesn't start with it tonight or even worse me.

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