Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review of The Life by Martina Cole

I'm a massive Martina Cole fan and have normally always dashed out to buy her book as soon as it is released and devoured it within days. However, the last couple of books haven't gripped as much hence the length of time that it has taken me to buy this latest novel.

I did enjoy it and it did have all those magic Martina moments but it did seem a little same old, same old.

I think what really spoilt it for me was you knew early on that there had to be a traitor in the Bailey family and it wasn't difficult to work out which brother it was that got a little to big for his boots, decided to take on the world and his family, and ultimately lost his life.

This book would have been so much better if the traitor in the midst hadn't been so obvious. I want something that shocks me. Something that I don't see coming and this books just didn't do that. Also for all Martina's shocking gangland killings for all the hurt and destruction this brother caused I expected a big ending, a big battle but I didn't even get that.

For all that I did still enjoy the book and I hope there is a continuation as it will be interesting to see how little sister, Tania, whose just being introduced to the 'The life,' survives and what challenges she faces.

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