Sunday, 9 June 2013

ahhh sea air!

After my bad week this morning failed to get any better.  The ex had stated yesterday that he was picking the kids up today at 11am.  There they were all dressed in their best party clothes ready and waiting and waiting. 11.30 came and I text to see what was going on, to which I received no reply.  10 to 12 he rolled up and without even an apology grunted something about not needing to pick them up so early with me having no plans today. 

He's therefore basically admitted that he did know of my plans for yesterday and he did remember the agreement that we had come to he'd just decided to be awkward, again.  My blood was boiling. How dare he assume I had no plans for the day.  The agreed 4 hours he was having them then turned out to be a mere 2, which actually suited me down to the ground.  When he brought them home at 2.30 the car was packed and ready and we headed off to the coast.

The sky was grey and it was a little chilly but the kids didn't care and neither did I.  We had fish and chips and the kids had a good run around with a football whilst we watched the cars from the classic car rally, that had been taking place, drive past. 

I feel re-energised tonight and the sea air and change of scenery has been just what I needed.  The volcano that has been bubbling away and threatening to erupt inside me has quietened down and is just gently simmering beneath the surface again.  Lets see what the week ahead has to throw my way.

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