Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review of the Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn

This is not my normal choice of book but when I received it on my Kindle Daily Deal and read the reviews I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I did.  It was certainly a fast paced roller coaster ride from the start, never once pausing to catch it's breath. I was gripped from the first sentence.

Maggie was kidnapped, presumed dead, seven years ago so when she manages to escape her captors and call the police, making contact with her dad, Ian Hunt, this kick starts a chain ofevents culminating in a cross state man hunt.

The characterisations in this book were what made it for me.  The evil kidnapper, Henry Dean, is a truly gruesome man and in depth descriptions of his mannerisms really sent chills down my spine.  He stopped at nothing to evade the police and set off a killing spree.

In close pursuit was none other than Ian Hunt, badly injured in their first chance meeting, he discharges himself from the hospital and sets off on Henry's trail.  Ian is determined that he will stop at nothing to free his daughter.

Then there is Maggie, or Sarah as her kidnappers refer to her.  She is one brave girl that has been subjected to a terrible ordeal but she's had enough.  After numerous failed escape attempts, does she finally get away? is the question we ask throughout the book.

I will certainly be looking out for other books from the author.

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