Monday, 8 July 2013

Another proud mummy moment!

I have to sing my little girls praises once again.  I picked up her end of year school report and it's nothing short of brilliant.  Having recently sat her SATSs I was so proud to learn she had achieved level 3 for English and Maths and level 2 for Science, which means she working above the national average. She obviously inherited her mothers brains.

Her comments from her teacher regarding her English made me smile.  To quote, "Her writing is thoughtful and descriptive.  She is able to write using many different styles and knows the difference between report writing and story writing." definitely a chip off the old block.

To read that she's a polite, hard working, happy little girl with an excellent attitude and that she sets a great example to other students was a joy to read but I then had to ask, "Faye, are we talking about the same little girl here?  Because you certainly aren't like that at home sometimes." 

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