Sunday, 21 July 2013

It's been a tough week

This week has been what can only be described as horrific.  Dad started on his treatment and things haven't gone according to plan. He's currently seriously ill and back in the hospital.  Luckily, at the minute we seem to have turned a corner and from now on, fingers crossed, he can only improve. 
It's all been another big nightmare.

I always feel it's important in any bad situation to tell the truth, which I have done with my kids, they are very aware of the situation and know all of what's going on.  On the flip side it's also important to keep a sense of normality.  I do what I always do shoulders back, head up and plaster on the smile.

Needing to get the kids out for a few hours today to let off a bit of steam I packed up the car with a picnic, rain jackets, buckets and spades and we headed off to the coast.  First was a visit to the Bridlington Bird of Prey Centre where the kids had a great time feeding the animals and exploring.  Faye got to be a part of the flying display and had the chance to hold a barn owl whilst both kids got to be a part of the hilarious pig racing.  Charlie's faced beamed as he was chosen to be the chaser of the pigs to try and get them to run faster.  Considering this is only a small family run centre we had a brilliant few hours and the welcome we received from the owners was so warm and friendly that that really made the day.

From there we headed up to Filey where we explored the beaches.  With the weather not being so great I hadn't planned for paddling but the kids were desperate to get stuck in so off came the clothes and both kids played in their pants.  Now that's a funny photo for the family album.  Faye at first wasn't so sure about being seen in public with just her pants on but not wanting to miss out on the fun she soon passed off her inhibitions and stripped off.

What better way to finish the day than with fish and chips and a game of Frisbee on the cliff tops at Bridlington.  We've done the tour of the coast and it's two dirty and tired little monsters that I brought home.   Both Showered and all nice and clean they are now snuggled up in their beds snoring and I don't think I will be far behind them. 

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