Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Must use my notebook!

I day dream all day long and come up with some brilliant story ideas but why then do I never write them down?  I stand in the kitchen washing the pots, driving the car, whilst in the shower and the story will develop and unfold, I'll picture the characters and think brilliant I'll sit and write that down.  Tonight!
I go to work, run around like a mad woman for most of the day and the story slides away to the back of my mind.  Never giving it a second thought I assume it was such a great idea that how could I possibly not remember it?

Day done. kids in bed. Switch on the laptop and nothing.  Where's that story gone? I know is in there somewhere.  I sit and pick up my pen, turn my notebook to a fresh page and still nothing.  I stare out the window desperate to bring it back before banging my head on the desk.  Arrrgghhh, I've done it again.  My award winning story has disappeared into the black hole.

Note to me. From now on when ever a story idea pops into my head I must, must, must write it down immediately.  Who knows tomorrow night I may have a story to write rather than waffling on here.


  1. I carry a little notebook with me everywhere now - this is not foolproof as Ioften then lose my pencil, but it's a start!
    Itis quite good to then have other notebooks at home to sort these notes in to if you are working on different projects. I've got to be a little more disciplined doing this!!
    Love your blog - I'm at a similar point in my life it would seem and I relate to many of the predicaments in your posts!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Kate,

    I do carry my notebook in my bulging handbag I just forget to use it. I make mental notes in my head and then due to the influx of kids stuff running through my brain by the time I do think to use it I've forgotten what I wanted to write. Doh!

    I do have a fetish for notebooks and whenever I'm in a shop and one catches my eye I have to but it. I just need to learn to start using them...