Friday, 12 July 2013

Review of The Favoured Child by Philippa Gregory

The second book in the 'Wideacre Trilogy' and just as good as the first.  With the death of Miss Beatrice Lacey at the end of the first book we continue the story in the second book some 15 years later.

Beatrices children, Julia and Richard have been raised by their aunt Celia and John MacAndrew (Beatrices husband) who we meet in the first book. The children unaware if their true genealogy are raised believing they are cousins but things soon spiral out of control as the truth is revealed.

Julia is the villages darling and will do anything to try to right the wrongs done by Beatrice.  She is all the good parts of Beatrice.  She loves the land and the people and is soon a part of their hearts.  Richard in comparison is all evil.  He wants to be the soul squire of the estate and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  Rape, murder and blackmail is all a part of his life and he can only be described as insane.

Things come to head and Julia sets out of rid Wideacre of the tainted Lacey ancestry for ever.  The question is she can go through with what she has dreamt of for so long to complete her mission.

Another page turner and brilliant read.

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