Monday, 29 July 2013

Review of Meridon by Philippa Gregory

The final instalment in the Wideacre trilogy and I have to say that of the three books this is my least favourite.

At the end of the Favoured Child we see Julia attempting to end the line of the Laceys and dispose of her new born child.  Fifteen years later we catch up with Meridon or Sarah as she believes herself to be called who dreams of a place called Wide.

Meridon and her sister Dandy are sold by their gypsy father to the circus where the learn to fly high on the trapeze.  Disaster strikes and Meridon sets out on her journey to discover the place of her dream.

Does finding Wideacre solve all Meridons problems and fulfil her hopes and dreams?  Far from it.  Finding Wideacre is just the beginning of her problems.

This book does bring closure to the full trilogy and ties up all the loose ends.  For me the appeal of the other two books was the setting of the wonderful Wideacre estate.  This book however is set away from there for the first half and the second half just didn't hold the same magic as the first two. 

Despite all this I did enjoy this book.

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