Thursday, 4 July 2013

Splashing Times!


My princess was up very early this morning and super excited as it was the long awaited school trip to the seaside.  I've never seen her up, dressed and ready to go so early in my life.  7am and she was sat waiting to go.  They couldn't have asked for a better day with the sun shinning and by all accounts a great day out was had by all building sandcastles on the beach and eating ice creams.

With Faye away having fun. Charlie and I arranged to meet friends and have a picnic in the nearby park.  I have to say I had a great afternoon and I know Charlie had a brilliant time.  First he hit the play area building up quite an appetite with all the climbing, sliding and running around he did.   We grabbed the picnic and headed to a quiet spot where we tucked into sandwiches and crisps, then the boys played Frisbee and football for a while whilst we sat and had a natter.

Next was the highlight of the trip a splash around in the wet play area.  Eager to get stuck in the boys quickly changed into their swimming shorts before hitting the fountains.  Despite the glorious sunshine the water was freezing and after an hour Charlie gave in and came for a snuggle in his towel. His was shivering and lips were almost blue but he didn't really care.  His little friend on the other hand didn't care about the cold he would quite happily have stayed in there for hours and hours he was having so much fun.

There was just one last place to visit before we left for the day and that was a stop off at the ice cream shop.  How two little boys can make such a big mess with a blob of ice cream is a mystery but the monsters did a very good job of covering themselves in more ice cream than they ate.

 It's two happy but tired little children that have just been showered and tucked up into bed.  I hope and pray that the sun is with us to stay for the weekend as I can foresee major fun times ahead.


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