Sunday, 15 September 2013

I'm bored...

I'm bored mum has been my kids mantra for the weekend.  Yep, weekend one of the wet weather and I feel like I have aged ten years.  Of all the toys they have in their bedrooms and they can't find anything to play with and have chosen instead to constantly argue over which TV programme to watch.  I soon solved that problem.  If you can't watch something you both like it's simple the TV goes off.

"Can I have my train set out" asked Charlie. 
"Which one?"
"The one with the remote controls."
Great.  The one right at the back of the cupboard which entails me having to take out mountains of junk to get to it.
"Yeah, that one"
"Are you going to play with it if I get it all out?"
"I will.  I promise, promise, promise I will."
Fateful last words.  I spent forty minutes dragging it all out, setting it all up and within ten minutes, yep you guessed it, I'm bored mum, I don't want to play with it anymore.

Roll on bedtime!

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