Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review of Watch over me by Daniela Sacerdoti

This book was amazingly written and I finished it in the course of the weekend I was just unable to put it down.  In terms of the actually story it was a little predictable and from the first few chapters it was clear how the story would end but it was just so brilliantly told.

So many characters interlinked beautifully.  For Eilidh, it was the worst time of her life.  After years of fertility treatment she not only miscarried her longed for baby, she also finally admitted to herself that she had to leave her husband.  She's known for quite some time about his affair. An affair that Eilidh had chosen to ignore for the want of a baby. But no more.

Jamie was a single dad bringing up his 5 year old daughter Maisie.  Maisie's mother, an artist, a mistake, had left shortly after Maisie's birth and wanted nothing to do with her daughter.  She provided for her financially but that was as far as it went.

When Eilidh returns to Glen Avich, a small town where she grew up in the Scottish Highlands, She slowly starts to recover from the hurt and seeing Jamie, an old school pal they soon become reacquainted but it's clear from the chemistry that there is so much more than a friendship between the two of them.  However, they are both recovering from past hurts and the path of true love doesn't run smooth.

In steps Elizabeth, Jamie's mum.  She does everything in her power to unite the couple and make them see they are destined to be.  However there is only so much that she can physically do as Elizabeth is, in fact, a ghost.

This is a truly magical story of the circle of life and if there is an afterlife then this is the way that I would like to come back.  To watch over my loved ones, to be there for them, to help them and when the job is done to leave them to happily lead their own lives whilst I re-started mine. 

I cannot recommend this book enough.

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