Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review of Facebook Jeanie

My heart goes out to Clara as we meet her aged 31 with another failed relationship behind her. She spends her evenings consuming capacious amounts of ice cream and trawling through facebook. Her favourite pastime is gazing at the profile of her college boyfriend, her true love, the one that got away and who is annoyingly still fit and has it all.  The glamorous wife, the big house, exotic holidays and a bank balance of millions,  whilst Clara is stuck in her mundane nine to five job and living alone in her tiny flat.

When Clara is visited by Jeanie and given the chance to take part in a top secret trial of a new app - the facebook reset button - after a particularly bad day she takes the plunge.  When nothing happens Clara falls asleep only to awake with the hangover from hell and back in the college dormitory, ready to correct the mistakes she made.

However, for poor Clara things don't go according to plan and she begins to see that maybe breaking up with her boyfriend Brad was in fact the right thing to do and the path of her life could have been even more catastrophic.

Clara has three chances to press the button and she soon realises she's probably better off back in her own world, back in her own flat with the cat she hates.  However, for Clara this is just the beginning of the story and a new start on the right path is just around the corner.  I must add here that Clara is easily distracted throughout the story by one sexy scientist by the name of Aleksander.  The man she loves to hate.  Well he hates her back, doesn't he?

This was a great book that made me laugh out loud, gasp in horror and even at times make me want to cry. After all, who wouldn't like to have a re-set button on their life.  A chance to go back and correct their errors and do things differently? I know I would. But, would things really have turned out differently? Or would a whole new set of dilemma's and disasters have awaited me, as they do for Clara.

I would like to thank the author Addison Westlake for providing me with a copy of her book to read which is available to buy as an e-book today.  To find out more about Addison please click the links below.




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