Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas at Sundown

I had a magical day out with the kids, my sister and my nephew yesterday.  With the weather forecast dry and bright it was a trip to Sundown to their amazing winter wonderland.  I've visited Sundown on numerous occasions and loved every visit but despite my best intentions I've never managed to visit at Christmas. It was superb and everyone loved every second of the day.

We were all wrapped up cosy and warm and first things first was a trip on Santa's Sleigh Ride to see the big man himself.  It was fab.  The kids had to knock on the big red door which was opened by an elf and then they had to knock on Santa's door which was answered by Mrs Claus.  It was very special and it was smiley faces all round until that was we got outside and Charlie sulkily announced that he didn't like his present from Santa.  He wanted an Angry Birds pen like Faye.  Kids there's no pleasing them sometimes.

Next up was picnic time in the nice heated marquee.  The kids tucked into their sandwiches whilst watching a magic show and getting to meet the Snow Queen.  I think meeting the Snow Queen was Faye's highlight of the day and she told me,  "I loved her because she had such a beautiful dress and tiara she announced and lovely shiny blond hair." 

We had a wander around the park and as darkness start to creep in hundreds of little fairy lights lit up the place.  It was my little nephew's first visit to Sundown and he had a wonderful time running riot and getting up to all sort of mischief with the biggest grin on his face.

To complete the day it was back into the marquee to warm up and the kids had a dance with Honey and Sunny Bear.  All the Christmas songs were belting out and everyone kids and grown up alike were singing and dancing and getting into the festive spirit.  The cherry on the cake was the fake snow that fell onto the kids heads as they danced to the closing track.

I definitely feel in the Christmas spirit now and it was a day that I will certainly never forget.

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