Sunday, 1 December 2013

Festive Fun!

Phew, it's been a full on Christmas marathon this weekend.  Yesterday saw the tree dug out of the loft along with the boxes and boxes of decorations dragged out and sorted through.  I got rid of loads of junk and just kept the decent decorations that I had earmarked for use this year.  With the kids out for the day I got cracking and got the tree up in record time with the furniture all re-arranged already so that with the Christmas songs on full blast, the Santa hats on heads, wine flowing for mummy and juice and sweeties for the kiddies we had a lovely evening of decorating the tree and putting up the all decorations whilst singing at the top of our voices. 

Today with the kids out again I got stuck into wrapping up the presents.  I'm not sure where all the the bags and bags of presents that have somehow accumulated in the loft have appeared from.  I'm sure I hadn't done that much shopping! Whoops, maybe I did.  Well, I can't resist a bargain or two, or three, or four.  80% of that is now done and dusted.  My back is killing from sitting on the floor for 4 hours, my arms are aching from all the heavy lifting of bags and boxes in and out of the loft and I'm shattered but it's been good fun.

I've also downloaded the Norad Santa Tracker and what fun I have had with that tonight.  Somehow my kids have ended up on the naughty list. I don't know how that happened.   They have sent to texts to Santa and he's replied explaining why they are on the naughty list.  Tonight, they haven't put a foot wrong.  Not a murmur, not the whiff or an argument just perfect little kids desperate to get onto Santa's Good List.  You can't beat a bit of blackmail haha.  I'm liking this game, a lot.

I can't wait for Santa to arrive.  I think I may be a little more excited than the kids right now.

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