Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review of Abducted (The Lizzie Gardner series #1) by T R Ragan

We meet Lizzie Gardner as she's held captive by the notorious Spiderman serial killer.  She's witnessed torture and unthinkable acts bestowed on young girls, yet she's the lucky one. She escapes.

Believing the notorious killer to be behind bars, Lizzie gets on with her life as best, as she can, as a private investigator.  However, ten years later and one phone call changes everything.  Could it be that the Spiderman is still on the loose and out to get revenge on the one that escaped.

Jared Shayne is an FBI investigator and assigned the Spiderman case.  Jared is also, Lizzie's ex college boyfriend and he still blames himself for Lizzie's abduction.  He was with her on the night the madman struck yet let her walk home alone.

It's not long before old feelings resurface and the two are soon in deep.  However, it's a game of cat and mouse and it's anyone guess and what the outcome will be.  When Lizzie's niece is abducted, Spiderman knows that Lizzie will do anything to protect her and she's soon back in Spiderman's clutches.

This was a tense read from page one and the plot just builds and builds as you catch your breath willing Lizzie to escape Sideman's evil traps.  This was a fast paced read and a brilliant Thriller.  Would definitely recommend.

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