Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Review of Dead Weight (The Lizzy Gardner Series #2) by T R Ragan

I have to say I don't really know where this book was going.  There were a number of women reported missing and Lizzie Gardner is assigned the case of finding these missing persons.

It would seem a fitness fanatic has come up with the idea of his own fat camp and woman are signing up to his exclusive, invite only programme with a promise of losing a vast amount of weight over a period of 4 months.  Little did they know that when they signed up to the programme they would be held captive in a remote log cabin and chained to the wall.

After the thrill of Abducted I was expecting big things from this second book however I was left feeling a little deflated. 

There seemed to be numerous storylines running through the book but nothing seemed to connect up.  It was certainly not as good as read as the first book of the series.

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