Sunday, 22 June 2014


It's been quite a while since my last post but things have been more than a little hectic and there simply hasn't been enough hours in my day.  Add to that, the fact that I have been plagued with a stinking cold for the last few weeks and it's not added up to a very productive time for my writing. Today I have set aside the time to write about our special Friday evening.

There has been a lot of sneaking around and underhand dealings of late as me, my sister and brother have been organising a surprise party for mum and dad.  It's a big year for them with my mum turning 60 and their Ruby Wedding Anniversary next month and with those milestones we simply had to make it memorable. Another reason to celebrate is my dads continuing improvement in health.  We were unable to celebrate his 60th as he was undergoing chemotherepy and in all honesty after the nightmare of last year, well, we all feared the worst but somehow he's got through.  So what better reason for a knee's up.

Mum and dad aren't big on parties and they hate a lot of fuss so the plan was to do something small but special with close family and friends.  The room was booked, the invites sorted and all the sneaking around and digging out of old really embarrassing photos achieved.

Friday morning me and my sister put the finishing touches together and there were a few close shaves which nearly let the cat out of the bag, especially when during a conversation with me mum she said she was going to ring my sister at work to discuss childcare arrangements. I knew full my sis well was sat at home making truffles as I'd literally left her to it five minutes prior. Argghhhh!  There was plenty of excuses and quick thinking to be done. Phew, it was hard work.

Finally, the room was set up, the guest all in place and it was down to my brother to bring them at the allotted time and just fingers crossed they weren't too cross.

Result! They loved it.  They both has huge smiling faces and glistening tears in their eyes when the found is all tucked away in the room waiting  We'd managed to keep it a total secret and they'd had no inkling of what we'd planned, which was a surprise in itself and I was sure mum had her suspicions. She always seems to know everything and it's very difficult to get anything past her.

 The night went without a hitch and a brilliant time was had by all.  In the words of my dad, "It was perfect." That was like music to my ears.

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