Wednesday, 27 April 2011

How Daft am I?

I cannot believe how daft I can be at times.  I'll start at the beginning.

On Sunday night I decided that I was going to complete my assignment 4 once and for all.  It's been staring at me for about four weeks.  It was almost ready just needed some last minute tweaking.  So I got the kids to bed early (for a change) and by 7.30pm I was happily tapping away on my computer.  Finally as the clock stuck twelve I sealed my golden envelope attached the stamps and gave a big sigh of relief.

I was just turning off the lights ready to go to bed and I noticed the biggest spider on my sofa.  A shudder went up on spine.  I hate spiders.  I am a major animal lover, but spiders are just not my thing.  ugghh just the thought of those spindly little legs scurrying across the floor gives me the creeps.  It is the thought that they can run a lot faster then I can move and if it ran towards me instead of away,uuugggh

Anyway, I went to the kitchen cupboard and got out the biggest jug I could find.  With sweating palms I quickly slipped the jug over the monster and retreated as quickly as I could to the other side of the room.  doing a weird little dance as I went.  (Honestly, if people could see me)  He was now safely ensconced inside the upside down jug.  I now needed to find something to slip under the jug to enable me to remove him from my house.

I grabbed the nearest thing that was thin enough to slip under, but strong enough so that when I flipped the jug he wouldn't escape. You guessed it my precious assignment.  I took a deep breath and with shaking hands bingo, it was done.  Holding my prisoner at arms length I ran to the kitchen to the open window and attempted to gently shake the spider free. At which point he lunged towards me and in a fit of panic I flung both the jug and my assignment as far as I could.  I watched in slow motion as my assignment slowly drifted towards my washing up bowl, which was ironically full of cold, greasy water before plop.

"Goddam you" I shouted.  I',m sure the spider laughed and waved at me as he set off into the garden.  Think tomorrow I will invest in a spider catcher.  Thankfully I had saved my work.  Phew!

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