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Thursday, 28 April 2011

My First Little Success

Hurray, I have just had my first article accepted.  I have been advised that unfortunately there is no payment, however it is a major step in the right direction.

I won't give to many details as the moment, however it is a glossy magazine and I only sent the article off to the editor last night, so to receive a reply in such a short time scale is great.  It is also the first article that I have ever sent off.

After a bad week all of a sudden my life has got a million times better.  It also given me a boost to crack on with some more pieces.


  1. Well done Jayne, that's great news.

  2. Congrats Jayne.

    Let us know the mag when you can.

  3. Well done, Jayne ... Looking forward to hearing more about this and your future successes

  4. That's fantastic news Jayne. Congratulations :-)