Sunday, 8 May 2011

I have had six children buzzing around me today.  2 of my own, 2 from next door and 2 from down the street.  I have provided lollies, ice cream, chicken nuggets and chips, finished off with loads of lemonade.  I feel like mother of the year ha ha.

I have bounced on the trampoline and watched Tracey Beaker on the Television when it rained.  Among all that chaos I have had my laptop switched on and kept snatching the odd five minutes to add bits to a competition entry that I have been working on.

Now all is peaceful.  Kids snoring soundly in bed.  It is just me, my laptop and a much needed glass of wine.  I have read the piece back expecting to have to scrap it and start again. To my utter shock it is actually not to bad. It needs a few tweaks here and there but on the whole I was impressed that I managed to produce something half decent.  I have been really unable to fully apply myself all day due to the constant demands and just typed and added bits when I could.  Maybe that is the key.  Things turn out better when you are not fully concentrating on them.

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