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Friday, 13 May 2011

Potty Training

Oh the joy I have had today.  Decided that it is about time my little boy was out of nappies.  He is two and half.  To be honest he knows when he has done his business in his nappy so  it was gloves off, or rather gloves on.

First off we had poo's on the carpet. A nice little trail of pebbles across the living room floor.  Great start! Then Niagara falls all over the dining chair that he was climbing on.  A wee waterfall straight onto the floor.  The only consolation at least it is a leather chair and wood flooring, so fairly easy to wipe. Charlie why not go on the potty? I asked.  To which I got the response NO!.  Toilet? No, NO, NOOOO.  I give in. 

Will try again tomorrow.  Meanwhile Charlie found another use for the potty.

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