Thursday, 9 June 2011

Vibrators and Stairlifts

I bought a number of magazines today for research purposes.  I was browsing through one publication which was primarily aimed at the older lady.  It had  the standard articles, letter page and so forth. All the items you would expect to see in a magazine for a person of any age.

What I didn't expect to see was a very large advert for vibrators nestled amongst the many other ads for stairlifts, mobility products and anti-aging vitamin supplements.  I did a double take and re-read this 3 times before my brain actually accepted that yes, this was an advert for a vibrator.

It's not so much the fact that it was advertising the vibrator, and any body that is in to that type of thing, well, enjoy.  It is the fact that it was next to a stairlift advert.  It just looked weird and out of place. It doesn't fit with the image I had built in my mind of the person that would buy this magazine on a weekly basis.

Still, who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

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