Friday, 26 August 2011

Lifelong Friends

There are people in our lives that come and go.  Some you meet only once, others you get to know before they disappear and are forgotten about.  Most people you meet can be classed as acquaintances whilst others turn out to be your worst enemy but once in a lifetime you meet a person that will be your lifelong friend.  No matter the distance, no matter the time once re-united it's like you have never been apart.

I was sat there today chatting to my best ever friend and it was if the years had melted away.  We have met up four times in the last 10 years yet we are as comfortable now as we were back then.  The lovely thing is we both now have daughters of the same age that get on like a house on fire and it's like watching history repeat itself.

My biggest regret is the years that have past were we lost contact.  We never argued or fell out we just drifted apart and our lives moved in different directions and to different places.  Ironically we met up in the local supermarket and the rest is history.

Chatting today about the good old days I had forgotten how much trouble we got into and how much fun we had. Buying castaways and diamond white from the off licence on a Saturday night to drink with no parents around before getting rid of the evidence in the bin at the bus stop. Haha good times! The first ever girlie holiday together.  That was absolute madness and the photographs we have are awful.  Did we really dress like that? My perm has got to be the worst ever.  Still I remember those days as some as the best ever.

So Linz I know you read this, haha.  We must never lose contact again and when we are older and greyer we'll look at the photos again and see if they are still as funny. Love ya Honey!

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