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Thursday, 1 September 2011


Why is it you wake up at some ridiculous time of the morning, in my case 2 o'clock, and lay there for the rest of the night unable to go back to that lovely dream you were having?

So, I woke up at 2 and despite my very best efforts I was still awake at 4.  My brain just started thinking about random rubbish and refused to shut down.  I was planning what to buy for my daughters pack lunches for next week when she is back at school.  Which led to I need to get her uniform ironed and labelled.  Which than led to what we were going to have for tea and than onto what I was going to wear today.   Arrrrrgh!  Just go to sleep..

I tried reading my book which didn't work as it was getting to the good bit, I got up and made a drink. I turned the light out and closed my eyes which just ignited the thoughts further because I started thinking about things that I could write about.  The duvet was on because I was cold than I was hot so is was thrown off.  I turned this way and that before finally about 4 nodding back off.

Only to be wide awake at 6.  What was going on?  Typically it was my first day in months that I could have had a lie in.   The children had slept out over-night and yet here I was up earlier than ever.  By this time I was so fed up that I got up, made my first coffee of the day and started work on all those little ideas I had had.  4 coffees later I am still here...

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  1. I know how you feel.

    I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo, catch sight of a pen and the thoughts for my next book are sparked from there. Then the next few hours are spent taking notes.

    I hope you manage to get some work done.