Monday, 1 August 2011

Little Squeakers

I would just like to introduce you to the two newest members of my family.  Lily and Rosie (Or possibly Tickles).  My daughter is undecided and keeps changing the name.

They are currently residing in my living room.  I have had guinea pigs before and I love them to be house pets.  You really get to know their little personalities and they become part of the family.  Already Lily is more outgoing.  She is the one that is brave enough to stick her nose out of the hay and see what is going on.  Rosie/Tickles is very shy and has rarely been seen.  They are still going through the settling in process.  I'm sure she'll come out of her shell soon enough. 

Last night they had a little mad half an hour chasing each other around the cage and chattering away to each other.  They were so funny to watch.   Tonight they were having a little cuddle and Rosie/Tickles did a really big wee on my new living room carpet.  I was not impressed.  The kids on the other hand found it hilarious.  Charlie thinks that they need to wear nappies until they are big enough to go on the potty.

I will no doubt be able to regale you with all their funny little antics and will keep you informed of their progress.

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