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Friday, 29 July 2011

Cheque in the post!

It has been a few weeks since my last post but things have been a little bit crazy.  I have been fortunate to have  a week away in the sunshine on the gorgeous Greek island of Rhodes.  The weather was in the 40's everyday and it was total bliss.  I have come back relaxed, suntanned and ready to take on the world again.  (Just a few hours back and already argued with the ex.) I could quite easily have stayed.  I can picture myself in a little whitewashed villa with vivid pink begonias growing up the side overlooking the crystal clear Mediterranean. I would open a little taverna and then could spend my free time writing my bestseller. We can all dream.

Back to reality and whilst opening the rather large pile of bills that had appeared in my absence. I opened one letter to find a cheque for £25.  Chat magazine has published my letter so that was a lovely surprise and the first payment, hopefully of many, that I will receive for my work.  I now need to get my hands on a back issue to check out which letter it was because I have sent off numerous.

At the moment I have loads of ideas jotted in my little notebook.  I now need to make the time to get it all written into something publishable.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to crack on.

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