Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tidy House, Tidy Mind!

With the onset of the colder weather meaning an end to the trips to the seaside I have needed to find something else to occupy me this weekend.  My bathroom make-over is well under way, it's not entirely finished as yet, but the thought of even attempting to lay flooring with two nippers running riot was not a task I wanted to take on today.  My bedroom has been in need of a clear out for some time. I realised that drastic action was needed when everytime I opened the wardrobe door something falls out on my head. So, armed with my black bags  I set about turfing out.

5 Minutes in I wish I had never started.  I cannot believe how much junk I have kept from over the years.  Old birthday and Christmas cards galore,  I even found valentines and anniversary cards from the ex-husband.  I felt so good ripping them to pieces and throwing them away. Ha what I load of crap he wrote in them I laughed to myself.  The hardest things to throw away were some of the paintings that the children have accumulated over the years.  I had bag after bag of them.  The majority just a few paint splodges in the middle of the page, but I just couldn't bare to throw them away.  Still it had to be done so I have kept a about half and with a heavy heart thrown the rest away.

I have to admit that I spent a fair bit of time looking through old photo albums and reading old diaries that I came across.  My god how you change without realising.  Did I really wear some of those things and look like that.  And more importantly did I really write that.  Think some of those need shredding but at the moment they have been safely re-house at the back of the wardrobe out of harms way.

Looking around I  decided a change of scenery was needed so I set about moving the furniture. Pushed and shoved the bed in this and that direction, finally after a bit of cursing and chuffing I  got everything all set up and looking good.  For the final test  laid on the bed gazing round thought naah, can't sleep like this, and moved it all back exactly where it was to start with. Still it's all looking a fair bit tidier and de-cluttered.  There's still a way to go but it's a start. 

I have to admit that I haven't been sleeping to well just lately and I do feel like a big part of the problem has been the untidiness of the room. Ok, I may sound a bit weird but to feel totally relaxed, I need to have an uncluttered environment.  A tidy house, tidy mind as the saying goes.  And I couldn't agree more.  I also find I am unable to write if the house is a mess.  I need to get the mess out away so that I can focus on the job at hand. 

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  1. Well done, Jayne - I wish I had your energy!