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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bathroom Makeover!

I am sooo excited.  I went out this morning looking for inspiration on ways to decorate my bathroom.  To cut a long story short my shower broke and last weekend my wonderful Dad kindly installed a new one So, there I was being assistant plumber on what turned out to be a very challenging job, anyway, I decided that my bathroom was in dire need of a make-over and promptly ripped the faded blue wallpaper off the walls leaving some very boring white tiles.

I had no idea what colour scheme I wanted to go for, so wandering round the shops this morning I saw and promptly bought the most brilliantly funky wallpaper ever, ever, ever.  Of course I needed to buy all the accessories to match, which has led onto new furniture to liven the place up.  Lets just say my purse is looking very empty, but what the hell.

I feel like Linda Barker and cannot wake to get cracking tomorrow, maybe even tonight.  The paint and brushes  are at the ready and my hallway is full to bursting with all my new lovely new bits and bobs.  I am hoping it will look amazing once finished. I will keep you updated on the progress...

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