Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dirty Rats!

I have been doing a bit of detective work today.  To cut a long story short there have been moments over the last couple of months that I have heard scratching and scrabbling noises coming from the wall behind my bed.  It freakily always seems to start as soon as I turn my light out and snuggle down to go to sleep.  There has been no pattern to it.  It's not every night, just every so often.

Now, a few years ago I had a similar problem and it turned out that the problem was a humongous rat.  It was awful to hear it moving about in the walls in the middle of the night.  The worst part was not knowing how it got there and if it could actually get into the house.  It turned out that it could.  We actually caught it in a rat trap in the kitchen.  It totally freaked me out. 

My house just felt dirty and I immediately had to start scrubbing the place from top to bottom. 

So, with the scratching re-starting I originally thought that the problem had returned.  Obviously not the same rat, that was a goner. 

I was searching in the loft today and came across a rather large number of bird poops.  Just near that wall that is just above my bed.  It seems the problem this time is not rats, but birds.  Argggh.  I love wildlife but not when it comes into my house uninvited.  The culprit was not in the loft at the time of my search therefore there must be someway that it is getting in and out. Maybe he's set up camp for the winter.   I sincerely hope not. 

I now need to deceide what if anything I can do about the problem...

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