Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's been over a week since my last post.  Things are been fairly hectic, shall we say.  What with illness and a million things to try and get done, it has left very little time.  What time I have had available I've used for sleeping, unfortunately a bit of a necessity.

It is so hard to be ill when you have two young children to take care of.  All I've wanted to do is stay in bed and hide, but no chance.  I have to get them up, dressed, take them to school, well one to school.  On top of all that I have also had a poorly Charlie to contend with, So he gets all the love and attention and his every need met instantly.  Still, I'm getting back on track now and I'll soon be good to go.

With Charlie being ill the other night I did something I usually never allow.  He came to my bed at 2:30am and I just threw open the duvet and let him climb in.  Never, ever, ever again!.  For starters it was like laying next to an inferno.  He was so hot despite all the medicine he'd been dosed up with.  Secondly. he snuggles up so close.  I was literally laid on 2cm of mattress, hardly daring to breathe in case I fell out, while he just sprawled diagonal.  His arms and head were constantly in contact with me.  When I moved, he moved.  Thirdly, he snored really badly and lastly he had a scratchy toe nail that he kept rubbing on the back of my leg.  My leg is now covered in little red scratches.

I was so tired last night.a all day I had been looking forward to curling up in my nice warm bed with my book, typically, as soon as my head touched the pillow I developed a really annoying, tickly cough.  It plagued me for most of the night and I have been at it all day today; so that doesn't bode well for a good nights sleep tonight.  Still I will dose myself up with cough medicine and hope and pray for the best.

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