Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Charlie has just had my stitches.  He was getting undressed ready to jump in the bath and we were discussing the various items of clothng he was wearing.  "What's these?" I asked.  "My Socks, my trousers," etc etc.  Eventually he was stood there is just his little pants and I said to him, "Come on then get your shreddies off." He looked at me laughed and said "Stupid mummy, they aren't my shreddies, I eat them all up for my breakfast.  These are my pants."

Bless him.


  1. awe he is adorable :)

  2. Ha! Ha! My daughter used to call hers 'knickeroolies' when she was small- I dread to think where that combination of words came from, but the word itself has survived 23 years in family usage!!