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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Seaside Horror

We went to the Seaside yesterday.  It was a lovely day, the sun was shinning and it wasn't long before  wearing wellies and armed with buckets and spades the kids were happily exploring.  I took the opportunity to get out my notebook and scribble some notes.  It was so beautiful. The beach was deserted, the only sounds were the crashing of the waves on the shore and the odd squawk of a seagull soaring across the sky.  It was like being in another world. 

All of a sudden the peace was shattered by an ear piecing scream, turning round, Charlie was hurtling towards me at breakneck speed.  His face bore a look of pure terror and he was as white as a sheet.  "Muuuummmmmy, muuuummmy" came his screams.  scanning the beach I spotted Faye safely in the distance looking perplexed at Charlies reactions.  He threw himself into my arms and gripped my neck like a vice.

I managed to calm him down and he eventually managed to tell me that there was crabs, massive scary crabs.  Laughing, I went back for a closer look. There on the sand were 6 dead crabs each measuring 8 to 10 inches in width..  They were fairly hideous with twisted claws sticking out from the sand and beady little eyes. Charlie was not going back for a closer look, however Faye was definitely intrigued and couldn't look closely enough. Upon my return, He tugged my hand and ordered,  "Come on, lets go mum.  I don't like the beach anymore, it's scary.

His trauma was far from over.  We visited the chip shop and were soon settled on a bench tucking into lovely hots chips covered in salt and vinegar.  Charlie was patiently waiting for his sausage to cool.  When all of a sudden a seagull appeared a few feet away from us, closely followed by another and another.  Before long we were surrounded and being watched by beady little black eyes.  Just planning their moment to attack,  "Charlie" I whispered, "I think the seagulls are watching your sausage."  He looked at me, giggled nervously.  "Your joking" he laughed.  Then he proceeded to quickly wrap the paper round his little tray of dinner, placed his hand protectively over the top and said "Well, they aren't pinching my dinner.  I'm gonna eat it all up in my tummy because I'm very very hungry."

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