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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One, Two, Three, Oops!

Oh, noggin-sploggin! We love One, Two, Three, Oops! by Michael Coleman and Gwyneth Williamson.  This has got to be our all time favourite bedtime story.  The kids know the story off by heart and love to get involve.  In fact, many an argument has erupted before bedtime over who can say the words, the loudest, the fastest and the bestest.  (The kids words not mine.)

This book tells the tale of Mr Rabbit trying to count how many babies he actually has.  With so many little bunnies jumping round he loses count and everytime says "One, two, three - Oops! Oh, noggin - sploggin.  As the story progresses we see more and more bizarre words being added such as sniffy, whiffy, jingle bingle. 

It's a feel good, read aloud, laugh out loud story.  Brilliant!

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