Thursday, 1 March 2012


Faye is having a Cheerleader faze at the moment and she is driving me crazy.  First she puts on the outfit, a little red and white skirt and T-Shirt, which is really cute, and then she picks up the pompoms.  That is when the headache starts.

I'm trying to cook the tea, Now I have to admit I'm not the best in the kitchen  I get by but that is as far as it goes.  I don't enjoying cooking one little bit.  Right, so there's various pans bubbling away and stuff under the grill that I'm trying not to burn and in dances Faye.

"Oh yeah, mummy.  Your cooking the tea, mummy. Cos your the best, mummy.  Oh yeah, oh yeah." she sings at the top of her voice.
"ohh lovely" I say. Rustle rustle of the pompoms followed by a huge star jump, which resulted in one of the pompoms nearly ending up the pan of the spaghetti. 
"Oooooohhhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhhh, muuuuummmmmy.  Oh, ah.  Your cooking the tea, mummy.  Cos your cooking is great, mummmmy."  side step right, side step left, rustle, rustle.
"Hmmmm, very good, sweetie, now go practise in the living room".
Rustle, rustle, swish.  The pompom hits me in the face as I bend to check the garlic bread.
"oh, yeah, mummy.  We're having spag bol, mummy.  oooohhhhhh. eeeeeeeee. With garlic bread, mummy. Gimme a......."
"Faaaayyyyye! Enough, please.  I'm trying to cook tea."

My ears were nearly bleeding.  With the rustle and swish of the pompoms she skips into the living and promptly sings, "ooohhhh Charlie, ooohhhh Charlie."
"Faye!" screams Charlie "I can't hear the tele, mummy tell Faye."

Needless to say it all ended in a big fight with Charlie trying to wrestle Faye to the ground and Faye whacking him in the face with the dratted pompoms.  I'm thinking I may need to find that big pair of sharp scissors ...

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  1. Its at times like this tat you'd like to suggest that they practise being silent for a bit....but that would end up as the 'mean mummy' rap or something worse!!