Friday, 6 April 2012

Men in White Coats!

The men in white coats are about to knock on my door and drag me away kicking and screaming.  That's the way it is today! I have gone stark stirring bonkers. I feel like running from room to room screaming at the top of my voice whilst tearing my hair out.  I could even rip all my clothes off for good measure and run around naked. The kids are driving me insane and the padded cell is imminent.

In typical back holiday fashion, it's raining.  The kids are stuck indoors for the umpteenth day and the sound of "muuuummy" "arrrrr, Faye's hit me, arrrr Charlie's done this"  fills the air.  Is it too early to open the wine yet, I wonder.  Glancing at the clock, it's only just gone 4.  Maybe in an hour or so. 

The only thing that is keeping my going at moment is that is just over an hour I will be tucking into fish and chips for tea, with a side order of bread and butter, all smothered in salt and vinegar.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  At least when the knock comes I will have a full stomach.

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