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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pre-school Injections

It was an appointment with the nurse today for little mister Charlie.  His MMR booster and Pre-school jabs were due.  He was not a happy boy.  When I informed him of his impending visit, he merely pouted his lips, folded his arms and stamped his foot, before stating, in no uncertain terms "No, I amn't going!"

Needless to say I was dreading it.  What if he kicked off in the waiting room and refused to go in.  I had visions of having to drag him through, whilst he desperately grabbed hold of any inanimate object.  Not to mention the the screams once the needles were inflicted.

His name was called and he wandered gingerly into the room. So far so good. Once in he proceeded toe wrap himself in my cardigan and point blank refused to look at the two, yes not one but two nurses, waiting to inflict the needles.  Disentangling him, I managed to sit down in the allotted chair where he wrapped his legs around me and clung to my neck like a little monkey.  "one, two, three" said the nurse before bang, quick as a flash the job was done and he had to little red pin pricks in each arm.  Apart from a winch and a flinch, he was a very brave boy and not a scream or a tear in sight. 

I had to smile on our way out as he proudly displayed his stickers to the waiting room, where a screaming 3 year old was refusing to go through the door.  What a palaver.  I was so relieved that I was spared that embarrassment as he happily headed to the toy shop for the eagerly awaited Scooby Doo action figures.  Blackmail can really be a wonderful tool sometimes!

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