Friday, 6 July 2012

Everyone knows that Faye is a proper girlie girl.  She adores anything pink, glittery or sparkly.  She loves nothing more then to get dressed up in one of her numerous princess dresses, complete with shoes, jewels and handbags. Parade around the house playing the part of lady muck and taking afternoon tea from her pink plastic champagne flutes.  Just like her mother I may hear some say.

You can imagine my shock when returning from shopping yesterday Faye fell in love with the police dress up set I had bought for Charlie.  She couldn't wait to try on the bright yellow tabard, grab the walkie talkie and trungeon, clip on the handcuffs and slip on the hat.  Poor Charlie hardly got a look in.  He was the bad guy that was constantly sat in the jail whilst Faye did, what she does best and, bossed everyone about.

"Please, please, please, can I have a dress up set like this mummy?" she begged last night.  So, daft as I am, I went off in the pouring rain this morning to purchase a set.  To cut a long story short the shop I had bought the outfit from had sold out and I have spent most of my day traipsing around, getting soggier and soggier, trying to find a replica.  The things mum do!

Anyway, job done I have now bought a second outfit and as you can see she is pleased as punch.  Needless to say tonight I have found both kids handcuffed to various pieces of furniture around the house including the hallway banister, the radiators and surprise, surprise come bedtime their beds. They actually cried when I unclipped them both and told them it was bedtime. 
"But we want to sleep together like this mummy" they moaned.  Hmm, tempting to leave you chained to the bed kids but no sorry I can't.
"Why can't we? Why? Why? Why?" they demanded. 
"I think if I left you like this kids a real policman might come and take mummy away in handcuffs" I explained.
"That's ok" they replied.  Yeah, cheers kids.  At least I know where I stand in the grand scheme of things

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