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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Never ending Divorce.

As I opened the door tonight I spotted the large while envelope on the doormat with my solicitors name stamped all over it.  Finally, I thought excitedly ripping it open.  Hoping against hope that this was confirmation that the decree nisi had been pronounced.

Dear Mrs Baker .... We regret to inform you, blah, blah,blah..  I threw the envelope down and proceeding to mutter numerous obscenities whilst turning on the oven and sorting the kids tea.  There is nothing like slamming a few cupboard doors to make you feel so much better.

In a nut shell, I sent of my application form to the court 10 weeks ago.  The documentation I received today was the original application form returned to me.  The solicitor had made a mistake on the form and the judge has rejected it.  For gods sake.  It has taken 10 weeks to return it.  So now I have to re-sign and re-submit so hopefully in another 10 weeks probably around the middle of September I may have confirmation.  Then I will be able to apply for decree absolute which takes a further 6 weeks and a day.  At the rate I am going I will be lucky to be divorced by Christmas.

At the same time as sending off the form I begrudgingly confirmed to my solicitor that, 'yes, I would be prepared to attend family mediation with Mr Baker to discuss financial matters as per his request.'  The letter today now informs me that Mr Baker does not now wish to attend these sessions.  Her suggestion to me is that I reply to Mr B's solicitor asking that he attends the sessions with me.!!!! Now, I am starting to get really annoyed with this.  I have last count of the number of times that I have agreed to request this.  It must be at least 4 if not 5.  Each time the letter they draw up and send out is costing me money and each time I get the same answer.  NO.  Therefore I can calling an end to all this mediation.  That's it!

So, where do I go from here.  Well, firstly I have to re-sign the form and get that submitted and secondly, I have absolutely no fricking idea.  Guess I'll sit back and wait for my rather useless solicitor to be in touch.

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