Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Night Blues

I cannot believe that the weekend is over so soon.  I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while.  The kids were going away with daddy for a few nights giving me a much needed 3 night / 3 day break.  Needless to say I had all sorts planned and there was so much that I was going to achieve but as with best made plans it has all gone a little bit wrong.

I have to admit I have had some really nice rest and relaxation.  Friday saw me out for lunch with my mum and sister.  I cannot remember the last time I spent a Friday afternoon in a beer garden relaxing with a nice glass of wine.  Then Saturday was barbecue time, which was delicious, and all washed down with more wine.

Saturday night I was suppose to be going out for a few more drinks which I had been really looking forward to.  It's not often I get the chance to go out on a Saturday night anymore.  Hair and make up were done to perfection, 5 inch heels and dress and I was good to go.  I had just got in the car when my mobile rang.  My little lady was very upset, crying in her bed and wanted to come home as she was missing her mummy.  What else could I do but collect her and bring her home.

Thankfully the night wasn't a complete write off but it wasn't exactly as planned.  Still I can't complain.

Both kids were suppose to be at their dad's today until about 4,30. I did have plans to really get cracking with my assignment that has been sitting sadly, half finished, on my desks for the best part of six weeks. However, he decided that there was a change of plan and he brought a very tired and whingy little boy home at 10am.  Yeah thanks, so he has had the nice times and tired the kids out leaving me to deal with two over-tired kids whinging, fighting and generally being bigger pains in the bum then normal all day.

They are both now tucked up in bed after an  early bath and that's it weekend over.  I am now in a bad mood. I am not looking forward to going to work in the morning and I have just had a falling out with someone over the stupidest thing ever. Not the best end to an otherwise really good weekend.

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