Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wallowing in mud!

With an unexpected day of sunshine yesterday we headed out for a day out at the farm.  Packing a healthy picnic, the kids happily put on their wellies and were soon off wallowing in the mud.  Yes, all he rain had left some parts a little water logged and in typical kids style they soon found out the best places to splash.

We had a great day feeding the animals and fish.  Even charlie very bravely decided to have a go at feeding a goat.  He's not very brave when it comes to touching the animals. He likes to look from a distance.  The slightest baa, moo and neigh has he running for cover.  In fact, when the horse let out a rather loud neigh, he almost fell off the hay bale he was standing on, and ran for cover.

It was two very dirty but happy and tired little children that returned home last night.  We had only got 2 minutes from the farm before they were both snoring in the back of the car.  Unfortunately, that left them still running around at gone nine o'clock last night. At least I had my Saturday night glass of wine to help me block out their screams

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