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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Clever little Kids

I have to have a little boast and say that I have one proud mummy today.  I have two amazingly, wonderful, clever kids.  Yes, I am very biased but I have good reason.

Firstly, I have received Faye's end of year school report and it is full of praise.  She is working at the top end of the levels expected, for her age, in all subjects.  What more can I ask from her?  I am so so proud of her.  I know that she works really hard and I can feel a few treats heading her way.

There was a closing comment from here class teacher this year which put a huge smile of my face.  He teacher said " Faye has been a pleasure to teach.  She is a very capable girl who can be relied upon to produce a high standard of work.  She is thoughtful and well-mannered member of the class and is understandably popular with all in the class.  she always behaves to a high standard.  She has a fantastic smile that will be missed."  What a fantastic thing to be told about your child. 

Then this morning, I had a visit from the health visitor to assess Charlie.  Baring in mind that they haven't seen him since he was 6 months old and he is almost four.  She stayed all of 5 minutes.  He chattered her head off as soon as she walked in the door, proceeded to swing off the slide like a monkey, drove his bike into her legs and pelted the football at her.  Her words were, "I don't think I need to get my tests out of my bag.  I can see that he is very advanced for his age and they would be a breeze for him.  He is a normal, happy, active child  I'll write my report and him sign him off."  Fabulous stuff Charlie.  Treats will be heading your way to.

Before she left she asked me if I had any concerns or worried with him.  My only question was where is the off switch?  To which, she had no answer. Guess I'll have to continue tiring him out the best I can.

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  1. Well done, Faye and Charlie - they are a credit to themselves and to you, Jayne.