Thursday, 24 January 2013

Break ups and Make's ups

Been a bit of a tough week this week.  On the relationship front things hadn't been going to well .  There had been a lot of tension.  Things were done and said in the heat of the moment and misunderstandings blown out of context.  It's been building up all over the Christmas period and it all come to head on Friday.  The end result being the my man packed his things and left.

Spending the weekend on my own with the kids I avoided all contact with him and we managed to go a full 4 days without any contact what so ever.  It was hard.  It's strange how when your with someone and they're getting on your nerves all you want is to be alone.  But the moment they do go you want them to come back and just start getting on your nerves again. 

I have to admit that those 4 days apart although hard have done me the world of good.  They gave me some much needed alone time.  Chance to work out what I really do what from life and to work out the full extent of my feelings for him.

Tuesday saw the ice broken and after a long conversation we're giving it another go.  Last night it was a night of 'Gok's Style Secrets' my choice obviously. Followed by 'Africa' joint choice, all whilst munching take-away pizza, snuggled up together on the sofa.  It must have done me some good to be apart because I don't, as a rule, do snuggles.

I re-call a recent text he sent me saying I was his world to which I'd cruelly replied but your not my world.  What I can say now is, 'your not my world because my kids have already taken that spot but my world is not complete without you in it.'

The kids are at thir dads this weekend so I am looking forward to a much better weekend then last with a chance to spend some much needed quality time together. 

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