Thursday, 10 January 2013

I want Snow!

With all this talk of the impending forecast for the horrifically cold and snowy weather that we well could be faced with over the next few weeks.  It seems that Charlie could be about to get his wish.  He was so disappointed that it didn't snow at Christmas.  He actually found it very difficult to believe that it was Christmas at all.  His words to me were, "How can it be Christmas? it's not even snowed yet."  It's easy to see where he is coming from on that one.  All the pictures we see and films we watch relating to Christmas paint this idyllic scene of snowy landscapes, being wrapped up nice and warm building snowman and then coming in to drink hot chocolate.  What do we get? A murky, grey, drizzly day.  Hardly the stuff dreams are made of.

Anyway, New Years day saw me taking down the Christmas tree, packing away all the nic nacs for next year, whilst cooking a Sunday Roast.  The living room was trashed with Christmas toys scattered everywhere, a tree that was half taken down and numerous packing boxes.  Nipping into the kitchen to check how dinners was getting along, I was longer than expected and left Charlie unsupervised.  Big mistake.

He decided to have a little rummage around in the, what I assumed were, empty boxes.  What he actually found lurking a bottom of a rather large box was a very large piece of polystyrene,  He had struck gold and his little imagination went into overdrive.  If he couldn't have proper snow then he would make some of his own and he's set about shredding the polystyrene.

" Mummy, look its snowing" came his shouts.  I popped my head around the door to find him standing in the middle of  millions of little white balls.  He was gathering up handfuls and throwing them into the air.  "Wheeee!, look what I have done, mummy," he said proudly.  My face paled. I was totally speechless, which is, I must say a first for me.

To say I went a little crazy is an under-statement.  Looking back it is actually very very funny and bless him he hadn't done much harm.  He was actually being really clever but he probably picked the worst possible time of day to have done it.  Is it just my kids that pick those moments? or does everyone else kids have the same bad timing clocks?

The clear up was crazy as bits of polystyrene kept floating into the air with every sweep of the brush and the vacuum was just as useless.  More than a week later I am still finding bits 'snow' in various corners.  Needless to say, polystyrene is banned.

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  1. Had similar putting decorations up - I traded polystyrene all over floor in exchange for putting decorations on tree undisturbed. Not a great deal!