Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review of The Perfect Present by Karen Swan

This is a wonderful chic lit book.  Not normally a book that I would go for but from page one I was hooked as I entered the world of Laura Cunningham with her passion for red shoes and her bespoke jewellery business where she worked overlooking the sea in a tumble down building.

Who would have known the effect that the charming, handsome and very sexy Rob Blake would have on her life when he asked her to make a charm bracelet for his wife's birthday.  His request being that it held seven charms to signify the relationship held with the seven most important people in his wife's life.

Of course, to find out their relationships meant being flown to Verbier for a weekends skiing trip in the Blake's chalet to meet all the people in question.  Did I mention he was gloriously rich and the bracelet was to cost £20k.  Meeting Cat, his wife.  A woman we all love to hate.  With the perfect husband, her perfect looks, designer wardrobe and jet-set lifestyle.  She has everything her heart could desire but not everything is as it seems.

Laura, out of her depth with these rich, upper class group of friends enters an alien world.  She's shy, reclusive and hides from the world but her past has not been easy and now is the time to face her demons, and accept what's happened and move on.

This book was a pure escape from reality and as the story progresses and we learn all about Laura the plot twists and weaves and throws us some very unexpected twists.  Where exactly does the love of red shoes come from is a question I asked myself throughout the book?  I can't wait to read more this author.

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