Saturday, 9 February 2013

Feeling Nervous.

I've been working hard on a few writing competitions entries just lately and with the closing date looming I have spent the majority of today going over and over the stories.  Scrutinising the individual competition rules  and guidelines and making sure I have adhered to them.  Being fairly new to the world of competitions I have checked and double checked that I have done everything has been stated.
  • Have I stuck to the stated word count - check
  • Name not on main body of the story - check.
  • Document double spaced - check.
  • Word count added to document - check
  • Required details added to header - check.
I've read and re-read my story.  Checked for spelling mistakes, checked the grammar.  Are we good to go?  Erm, I think so ...

Why then as I'm placing the story into the envelope and about to seal it down do I feel the need to re-read just one last time? I just have this feeling in the back of my mind that there is something I have missed.  Anyway, it's done.  The envelope is sealed and the next step is the post office.  The it's the nervous wait to see if I here anything back.  Fingers crossed.


  1. Thank you Rainbow. I just have to wait until Easter now for the results. No doubt I will be shouting any little successes from the rooftops.