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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Life without TV

I have to say I have had a brilliant day today.  Starting with shopping. Your can't beat a good spend, especially when you hit an unexpected sale and find so many bargains.  To walk out of a shop laden down with bags, whilst knowing the credit card hasn't taken to much of a battering is a good feeling.
After shopping it was a quick catch up with a friend for a coffee and chat before heading back out for a little more shopping.

It's hungry work all that shopping so with the kids at their dads tonight.  My man and me got to spend some quality time together and headed out to the nearby carvery for a slap up meal.  I have to say I am full to bursting. It so nice to just have a few child free hours to be together a a couple.  It's lovely to be able to just sit and have a proper chat over a nice meal with a glass of wine without the distractions of the TV.

Incidentally, that was one of our topics of conversation.  The fact that I really don't like the TV and I could quite happily live without one.  I don't think many people can comprehend this but in my opinion it quite simply seems to take over and manages to rule life.  How many people programme their lives around the TV schedule. It causes so many arguments in my house.  The kids fighting over which channel they want to watch.  My answer to this is, "Either decide what your both going to watch or I'll turn it off and nobody will watch anything."

 Take right now, the kids are in bed,  I'm home alone.  The TV is off and will remain off until the kids get up in the morning and proceed to inflict Cbeebies on me.  I love nothing better then sitting here in silence.  Just chilling out in the peace and tranquillity and after writing this I will no doubt snuggle up with a book. 


  1. Sooo with you! I love when the TV is off! I have to admit that I would turn it on to watch Star Trek...if I remembered...but otherwise can go for weeks without it. In fact for several months I didn't have one, and only have one now because it came with the flat!!! My children only turn it on when they are bored or alone.

  2. I could not agree more! I have spent most of my life without television and even when I had one I hardly ever watched it. Like you, I prefer to read but I do listen to the Radio frequently.