Monday, 25 February 2013

Fussy Mother

Today I am a very proud and fussy mother.  I've been to parents evening and heard what every mother wants to hear.  My princess is in the top Maths group. She has also just progressed to the top English group, and she's been described as a lovely polite girl that is a pleasure to have in the class.  She makes me so proud.

I know every mum thinks they have the best children in the world, rightly so, but to hear compliments from an impartial third party is what brings the smile to your face and the feeling of pride so intense that you think you might burst.

So now because of the good report I informed Faye that she could have a little treat.  Well what a decision this is turning out to be.  She would really like to go to Chiqiuito's Mexican restaurant for her tea, she would also like a toy, what toy she hasn't decided, or should she have some money to save in her money box or should we all go for a day out.  Decisions, Decisions.  I've told her to sleep on it and get back to me when she's decided.  I'm hoping she goes for the cheapest option!

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