Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring Sunshine

It was a trip to the park this afternoon in the gorgeous spring sunshine.  Looking out the window it looked so inviting.  The sky was blue, the sun was shinning but it was absolutely freezing.  The kids didn't care they were running and climbing but for us adults stood chatting and supervising it was enough to turn you blue. 

I'm a warm weather person.  I hate being cold and I need these chilly temperatures to increase just a bit.  My man laughs at me when he arrives in an evening to find me sat huddled in big jumpers, heating on full, fire on full and wrapped in a huge fluffy white throw that he calls the sheep.  Being cold is just something I can't cope with.  I think I should emigrate to warmer climes.  A next baking 40 degree constant temperature would do me just fine. 

It does make you feel so much better to just have that little bit of sunshine.  It's beginning to feel like this long cold winter is finally coming to an end.  I've noticed this week that the daffodils are not poking through the ground and once you see that flash of yellow you know spring has arrived.

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