Thursday, 14 February 2013

Such a Sweetie!

This is just a quick post tonight as I am busy with preparations for my romantic night.  Despite agreeing that we would be celebrating Valentines Day last Saturday my man and me had a bit of a big falling out at the start of the week,  Hands up it was my fault.  To try and make amends, and to show him how much I really do love him, I have planned a special night for us tonight.  Not saying too much as he will no doubt read this in an attempt to find out what I am plotting. 

The reason for this post is to say Thank You to my gorgeous kids for my presents this morning.  Despite explaining to my Princess that Valentines Day was to show someone, your boyfriend, husband etc,  how much you loved them she decided that she needed to buy me a present to show me how much she loves me.  I was surprised this morning with a teddy, balloon and a tacky love heart, foil, garland, which is actually amazing because she picked it and the best ever homemade card.  I really am lucky to have a wonderful man and two brilliant kids in my life.  Anyway enough of the soppy stuff.  Enjoy you day everyone.

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